We are an industrial machinery and material handling equipment, we are a specialist of services lift, goods lift, cargo lift/elevators, hoist cranes, pick up cranes, overhead cranes, funicular, chain hoist and various accessories.

Address: Bali, Indonesia.
Telephone Enquiry: +62821-2525-3939

Pembuatan lift barang sederhana
lift barang sederhana
tower crane
overhead crane
lift pantai
chairlift, chair lift
construction elevator
lift barang
lift gudang
passenger lift
passenger elevator
Lift cor
Lift lulu
Lift toko
Lift ruko
easy lift
lift biasa
Hoist OHC
Material Lift
Lift proyek
Lier Lift
Beton Lift
Pembuatan lift barang sederhana
Tukang lift
Tukang elevetor
Tukang OHC
Tukang Overhead crane

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Pick up crane Service Lifts Cargo Lifts Goods Lifts Overhead Crane Funicular Stair Lifts Hoist Crane Mini Crane Pick up crane Arm Lift Mini Hoist Mini Arm Hoist Dumbwaiters Restaurant lifts Beton lifts Material lifts Home lifts home lifts Ruko lifts OHC Hoist Beach elevators beaches lifts Home lifts Stairs lifts Wheelchair lifts Hoist Crane Price Spare Parts and Accessories

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